Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fun time

That's again my nephew wearing a cool mask. We had a great time at Spencer's Plaza, one of the famous hangouts for chennaites.
That's the "beautiful" me feeding a piece of cake to my "handsome" husband. On the back ground is my niece who is also beautiful.

This was taken on my husband's b'day when we were having gala time. That's my brother-in-law sharing the greatest joke ever. Guess we really had a good time celebrating my husband's b'day after 12 long years in chennai, coz we were in Brunei that long!!!!!!!!!!!!

The one with the pink turban is my older nephew, pritham dressed as a biblical tax collector.

The other child is obviously dressed up as Jesus. I really think both of them look handsome.

Picutre of a craft done by little kids at church. Picture of adam and eve taken in church.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

sweet moments

This is a picutre of a village layout in typical Tamil Nadu, my state. This is a man-made set up and i thought it looked really cute.
This is one part of chennai. Most people beleive
that this city is very dry, but that's not true. It is
environment friendly and user friendly too.
That's a bottle of cute looking candies that i shot in a little shop.

Monday, April 9, 2007

my husband, nephews and myself!!!!!!!!!!!

Moments in India

This is a picture of the beautiful sun setting in chennai.

I'm having a wonderful time out here. Just posting a few pictures for all of u out there to have a look. Though I am a full time home maker now, i am enjoying every bit of it.

This is me standing in the terrace of my 9th storey building. I took this picture myself.